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Fully Framed Shower Screens in Melbourne

Are you looking for a stylish and economical shower screen that requires little maintenance? The team at Amazing Bathroom Solutions proudly offers fully framed shower screens for Melbourne homes. Whether you want a fully framed corner shower screen or a fully framed pivot door, we can meet your needs.

Corner Shower Screens

A fully framed shower screen corner unit base is commonly used in smaller bathrooms and is effectively a square base with one corner cut off. This comes with a pivot door and is braced internally to the wall and/or to the front to provide stability on the sides. These can be built on the hob of a spa bath or on a base or tiled floor. There are also multiple glass types to choose from, including clear laminated safety glass and cathedral laminated safety glass.

Pivot Doors

Framed shower screens with pivot doors offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Only one moving part
  • Easy to clean, inside and out
  • Shows shower recess tiling to best advantage (when combined with clear safety glass)
  • The handle is a full-length, easy grip handle.

Available glass types for pivot doors include:

  • Clear laminated safety glass
  • Cathedral laminated safety glass
  • Translucent laminated safety glass

Optional design:

  • Front-only
  • Full-length framed side panel
  • 3/4 length framed side panel

Did you know that we make custom fit screens for baths too? Contact us today to discover the variety of products we have to offer.

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When you need a fully framed shower screen for your home, look no further than Amazing Bathroom Solutions. Give us a call on 0452 184 952 or enquire online for a prompt and informative response.

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